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Phoenix Rising

The Phoenix, a mythical bird symbolizing birth and re-birth, has always held a special place in my heart, for it's through our trials and tribulations, the experiences of our past, that we can truly rise from those ashes to become who we are meant to be. The limiting beliefs, boundaries, and excuses we get caught up in contain us in a box...and we, as humans, cannot truly be contained. We are limitless. We are boundless. We are infinite. So, this blog "Phoenix Rising" is about just that...what I've learned over time in my own rising from my ashes. Please feel free to share whatever you feel will benefit another - the more we share and grow together, the more we can each step onto our infinite path of possibilities and rise like The Phoenix! Enjoy and thanks for reading!! 

P.S. In moving my website and updating it, I have unfortunately lost all of the comments, likes, and shares for Facebook and Twitter that my old posts garnered, as well as many old posts. the phoenix, I rise again and start anew. I've simply copied the posts and original publish dates I still had. :)  

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