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Today is a day of LOVE...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

So today is Valentine's Day - a day that is set aside to be about romance, love, and showing that expression of love in a "grander" way. But what's interesting is that today isn't really about that one-time BIG show of that's really about reminding us how to feel connected and show that love...on a regular basis.

I had the great honor of being interviewed last night on The Diamond Network Show with Lina Jones on BlogTalk Radio and we talked about how Valentine's Day can affect people, whether they're married, with a partner, or feeling the weight of this day as a single person who longs to have that partner to share this day with. And what was really fascinating about what came out of our conversation, and going back to my previous post about writing your own soul's poetry and living your authentic self, is this...

As human beings, why do some of us place SUCH importance on this ONE day per year to really feel that love from our partners, or even for ourselves, when life is REALLY about learning to BE that love everyday? Why do we give this Valentine's Day SUCH meaning and relevance that, when we don't have a partner, it can affect our self-worth and how we see ourselves as valuable and loveable people? And isn't this "day" of love really just a deeper reminder that we can express that love always...and in all ways...even daily?

So I'd like to offer up something here that I talked about on the show...what if we made today, this Valentine's Day 2017, the FIRST day we commit to showing our expressions of love, whether to a partner or toward ourselves, EVERY DAY from here on out?! What if we ALL chose to express that love by the small things - whether for ourselves or toward that someone we care about - regularly?

Here are some great examples: showing gratitude for something someone said or did for you by saying "Thank you...that meant a LOT to me!" Or telling yourself in the mirror (looking into your OWN eyes - I know, I know, not very comfortable at all for some, but with practice, it'll be an easy thing down the road) something YOU are grateful for about YOU or that you love about yourself and REALLY believe it! Or doing something kind and generous for someone else so that they truly know you're thinking about them! Or any number of other things that you can do daily to let those you love know TRULY how much they mean to you...even when you might not like them too much in that moment.

​What if we ALL started this movement of love, with ourselves and others...can you imagine the world we'd live in then? How we would truly be uplifting one another through the "Valentine's Days" that would become EVERY DAY and not just the once-per-year commercialized expression of the love we feel all the time and inherently are? WOW...that would be a world we could dance joyfully in and be happy to share in wouldn't it?

I invite you to EN-JOY today and start your own movement of love - be the poet of your own heart and soul - listen to your own heart's music, create your own choreographed dance in this life of LOVE we all live in and simply BE that expression daily - even when times are a bit rough and we feel like we're on a roller coaster of hell instead of on the one called "LOVE." BE that which you are...and can never NOT be...the world will feel it and we will dance in the joy of it.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all - today and every day!

Wishing you peace and love always, Susan



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