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The Poetry of your own being...

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Inquiry to reflect...ahhh

Poetry has long been seen as a reflection of those deeper heartfelt stirrings of emotional thoughts and awarenesses that lead one down a path to question, reflect, and inquire into the unknown answers of the universe that then spur us to live from a place of truth...whatever that means for each person. And these stirrings then create a compulsion to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, in order to convey the swirling of energy within the soul and share the message with the world. And these messages and meanings hopefully provide insight, freedom from some thought, or even as a challenge to existing limiting beliefs in a way that propels the reader forward on their own journey.

I see "traditional" poetry as a means for giving the soul a voice as well. A voice that is not only part of the collective consciousness, but is as individual and unique as the author of the poetry. So as a Soul Poet, I have learned, over 52 years of life and 20+ years as a therapist and coach, how to help others find THEIR poetry of THEIR soul so they are no longer adopting someone else's composition. And it's not easy...for we ARE social creatures and do find our experiences and perceptions shaping our beliefs and causing us to adopt someone else's ideas of how life "should" be. 

So to find the poetry of YOUR own being-ness within, I invite you now, especially within the global climate being what it is around the world today, to ask yourself these three questions:

1. Am I living authentically myself? Honoring who I AM and not who someone else "thinks" I "should" be? And am I doing it with MY voice or someone else's?

2. Am I finding it difficult in challenging times to overcome those limiting beliefs that drowned out the poetry of my own soul, with my own voice, whether I even know if they're truly limiting me or not, but it FEELS as though they are? 

3. And if I could have my IDEAL life, what would that look like? Do I even have an idea of that? And if so, what is stopping me?

If you can see a clear picture of your future and realize that you are taking all the internal and external steps to achive this...BRAVO! You have written the poetry of your own soul! Read it in LOVE, with determination to share your messages and spread that to the world, which sorely needs to feel empowered and uplifted right now.

But if you haven't, or are finding it to feel like you don't even know how to write your own soul's poetry, I invite you to look at whose voice you're really listening to...your own or someone else's? And if you have this burning desire for that "something else" that just isn't happening the way you want, click here so we can chat and see how I can assist you in learning to compose the poetry of your own soul and give it voice, so that YOU can live that power-FULL and beautiful YOU I know you are and share with the world ALL you have to offer!! 

Dancing in the joy of our poetry together and always with peace and love, Susan



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