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An Anniversary and a Renewal...

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

So today I'm celebrating a couple of things... One, it's my 14th wedding anniversary to the most amazing man I've ever had the honor to share life's journeys with. He's funny, so very smart, a true partner in every sense of the word, still SO handsome to me (grows more handsome every day with that little touch of gray settling in), and unbelievably the man I still enjoy  waking up to each day! And yet, today marks something else - not because of the date itself, but because IN this celebration of our wedding, I also realized HOW MUCH we have renewed ourselves over and over through the last nearly 17 years together.

We've renewed our hearts - to fall in love again after we were both married and divorced once before.

We've renewed our faith in those trying times when we weren't sure who we were, individually or together, and whether or not we would weather the storms that hit all relationships at one point or another.

We've renewed our child-like wonder and awe by laughing and being silly every day - even when seriousness pulled us in and wanted to take over - oh no you didn't! And yet, we wouldn't allow it, for it's our very silly and childlike qualities coming out, through our adult bodies, that make us laugh and enjoy life itself.

We've renewed our trust in a love that could last, even when the pain was all around us from relationships we saw falling apart.

We've renewed our ability to honor each other even when we are coming from the opposite ends of the universe...yes, not just planet, but universe! ;)

We've renewed our belief that it might take work and nurturance, but a relationship truly can grow together from a single seed of love.

We've renewed our hope that life will only give us that which we put into it and so we put in a lot, hope for a little, and are overjoyed with all we receive - in pure gratitude and appreciation.

We've renewed our willingness to fight for what we believe in - even when that's just a deeper belief in ourselves and each other so that we may uplift and empower the other to strive to be a grander version of ourselves each day.

We've renewed our vision - one that holds a future so bright and full of possibility that we can truly never go astray from it - even when life seems to throw a curve - we duck and cover quite well and then course correct.

We've renewed our desire to see the world and ALL of its inhabitants (humans, animals, all of expressions of life) living in joy and peace, even when the chaos swirls around us and wants to suck us in...and again, not gonna happen.

But really, the truth is, we've just renewed our belief that life is meant to be full of the light and dark, the shadows and the sun, the up and the down, and the love that we are...from our very cores.

And so as we're coming into Spring in a couple of weeks, please remember, Spring is a time of renewal. A time of cleansing and awakening from the darkness of the wintry months of hibernation into the eternal birthing of life as it renews on planet Earth and brings sustenance for all to enjoy it's beauty and feed the soul. So come into this Spring feeling ready to renew - your belief in YOU, your trust in the universe, the song of your heart, the poetry of your soul, the willingness of your eyes to see new life emerge as you emerge out of your winter cocoon - whether with someone else or even with yourself - you are your own best friend and it's time to renew that relationship! 

Blessing and love always, Susan


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