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Mountain Path

Navigating that path to inner freedom and peace...always...and

in ALL ways!

Hi...I'm Susan Dascenzi


Over the last 25 years as a Licensed Therapist and Visionary Coach, I've assisted others in navigating the path of the human experience. All of the experiences of the past create challenges and roadblocks that get in the way of becoming the best and highest version of you... of living with an inner freedom and peace that is your birthright. 


You begin to believe that you are those experiences: a victim, a survivor, unlucky, flawed... whatever it may be. The fact is, it still creates pain that develops into an inability to truly love yourself, to live your highest potential and purpose with passion and clarity, and to believe in your truths instead of the "truths" you were taught to believe. This pain robs you from living as the spiritual being you are... who is simply having a human experience.


I didn't always find navigating that path easy for myself either. In fact, it was tough as hell and I nearly ended my life because of it. 



30 years ago, I stood in front of a mirror, suicide note in hand, ready to end the suffering. That inner voice, relentlessly screaming "worthless," was imploring me to end it all. As I stood looking in the mirror, my 4 year old self's voice drowned out the protective voice and said "You're worth SO MUCH MORE! ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!"


It was in that moment, I put the note away and commited to believing what I knew all along...I was a spiritual being having a human experience and yet I wasn't expressing as that.

Having kept myself small for years, making decisions out of fear, confusion, and uncertainty, and feeling worthless and incapable, I began navigating a path to inner freedom and peace by reaching out to those who could teach me what I was missing.


And what I learned was surprising...


I learned that I was buying into truths that weren't MY truths. I believed I was a victim to the 6 sexual assaults I experienced and that "meant" I had to be the victim forever...even if I learned to eventually get "past" it.


I learned that I was barely existing...even though I thought I was surviving quite well to some degree.


I was suffocating in a "box" and always knew I wasn't a "box" kind of girl.


What resulted from all this over those next few years?


I found my compass... my True North. I found the way to navigate the human experience as the spiritually expressed being I was. I found the way to marry the East and West, with its philosophies and traditions, and the North and South - the heaven and hell, the spiritual and the grounded, the ethereal and the tangible. I realized I didn't have to continue being my experiences and believing the "truths" society taught me... I finally felt an inner peace and freedom I'd never known before.

And I made it my life's work to teach others how to feel the same. It is NOT complicated, yet no one ever really teaches any of us HOW to do this. 

It IS possible to walk
with the experiences now and not become trapped by them... to break free from the prison of your mind.

Everything changed for me: I became a successful 6+ figure entrepreneur, a co-author (with Neale Donald Walsch, Marci Shimoff, and others) in an Amazon Ranked #1 International Best-Selling book, a sought after human behavior and emotions expert, and "The Spiritual and Human Navigator" - your Spiritual Tour Guide in form. 

If you're not navigating through life as the BEST and HIGHEST expression of you...doing what you're born to do, and being who you were meant to be...really living as the spiritually expressed human being you are, here's why:

  • You're holding onto the conditioning of your past.

  • Your beliefs are so deeply ingrained that they've become limiting and now hold you back.

  • The "BOX" you're living in is suffocating you, yet you don't know how to break free. 

  • You're living someone else's vision for your life and not your own.

  • Your heart's voice is drowned out by the voice in your head.

  • You still believe you're worthless, or not "good enough," and you feel inherently flawed. 

  • You see no way out and feel hopeless - "It is what it is and there's nothing I can do about it." 

  • You believe you have no "Superpowers" - no gifts, talents, or skills to share and you're not "meant" to create impact on the world.

  • ...and so many other "truths" you were taught to believe. 


HOW would ANYONE be able to live as the spiritual expression of their core, in human form, and become who they're meant to be, and learn what they're born to do?? How would anyone be able to bridge those gaps and live their best and highest self??

And the kicker?

It's not hard,
if  you have the "right" tools to know how to navigate this sometimes very painful and challenging path. It's not as simple as "pull yourself up by your big girl/boy panties" and move on. You have to dismantle the past to navigate through your present and into the future.  

Becoming a spiritually expressed being living in human form (aka: who YOU are meant to be... living your highest potential with purpose, passion, power, clarity, confidence, and connection) is your BIRTHRIGHT... not a privilege for the few and "lucky."

And that is the reason why I do what I do...


I have watched it happen over and over with 1000's and 1000's of people, who chose to bridge that gap between where they were at and where they wanted to be... and you can too!

It is my purpose for being alive on this planet during this time of our evolution.


And I am honored to help you on your journey of loving yourself unconditionally, uncovering your Superpowers within, learning how you were born to share that with others and impact the world in ways you may not even have been able to imagine, and truly become who YOU were always meant to be... that spiritually expressed human who navigates through the human experience with an inner freedom and peace you've never felt before. 


I am honored that you are here. Thank you for believing in yourself and trusting you "knew" there was something "more" that you quite couldn't put your finger on. I bring a unique perspective because of my professional and personal experiences as a therapist, coach, trauma survivor, and entrepreneur. Through inspired action, empowered choices, and the space to be who you are and shine in your brilliance, you WILL become your own true visionary and live the life you were born to live... with compassion, tenderness and grace, and with a deep wisdom of your own infinite possibilties and potential. 

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